Outstanding craftsmanship and exceptional service.

Our well-designed plans and skillful installation techniques combined with our substantial knowledge of home construction and building codes ensures every job is done right.

Our Process

  1. Initial Contact
    Involves a discussion regarding the scope of your project as well as the next steps.
  2. Consultation - Site Visit
    We will meet at your home in order to complete a thorough site analysis and to discuss your options.  Ballpark pricing is provided.  There is no charge for this consultation.
  3. Design
    Certain projects require a detailed design that will provide a clear understanding of the scope of  work to be completed and the associated costs.  Design fees will apply.
  4. Contract and Deposit
    Upon receiving confirmation to proceed, we will provide a written contract and obtain a deposit from you.  We will also provide a projected start date.
  5. Permits and Locates
    Prior to the estimated start date, we will ensure the necessary permits and service locates are obtained.  When these are completed, a start date can be confirmed.
  6. Commencement of the Project
    Notification will be provided in advance of our arrival to allow you to make the necessary preparations.  The driveway and the roadside areas will need to be kept clear for our vehicles and equipment.  It is also recommended to notify your neighbours who may be affected. Throughout the duration of the project, we will require instalment payments at set intervals.
  7. Project Completion
    We will provide you with information pertaining to the care and maintenance of your new landscape.  A final invoice will be provided and payment collected.
  8. Time to relax and enjoy!

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